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Ferrostar is a new SDK for building turn-by-turn navigation applications. We designed it for customizability from the start, so you can change core behaviors like off-route detection or use an alternate location provider. And unlike most other navigation SDKs, the UI is built out of composable views using modern frameworks like SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose.

A screenshot of a mobile navigation session running on an iPhone

Beta Notice

Ferrostar is currently in beta, but it's progressing rapidly, and multiple production app integrations are already underway!

If you run into any issues, or are curious about the integration difficulty for your use case, reach out on Slack (details below).

Getting Started

To use Ferrostar with basemaps or routing from Stadia Maps, you'll need an API key.

Get Started With a Free Account

Once you have your key, head over to Ferrostar's dedicated documentation site for tutorials and in-depth customization guides.

Getting Support

GitHub issues and discussions are the best way to submit feature requests and bug reports. If you have a general question, the #ferrostar channel on the OSM US Slack is the place to chat.

We also offer commercial support with response time guarantees and expert advice on your integration. Contact sales for details.

Source Code

Ferrostar is completely open source and available under a BSD license! You can find the source code on GitHub.