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Routing APIs

Stadia Maps provides a full suite routing APIs with frequent (approximately weekly) data updates from OpenStreetMap and other data sources. Our APIs are extremely flexible, and power applications as diverse as route planners and turn-by-turn navigation for golf carts.


The routing endpoint is divided up into several purpose-built endpoints, which we've grouped for convenience.

Turn-by-turn Directions

The turn-by-turn directions APIs provide detailed maneuver instructions in over 25 languages, polylines for each step, ETAs, and more. In addition to standard costing models (aka profiles) for car, bicycle, etc., we give developers an immense amount of room to fine tune routes for any application.

  • Standard Routing

    The classic turn-by-turn directions API: specify which locations you want to visit in order, and we do the rest.

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  • Optimized Routing

    Save time and cut travel costs by finding an optimal route between multiple locations.

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  • Map Matching

    Turn recorded points or an encoded polyline into turn-by-turn directions.

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Road Information

The road information APIs help you find detailed information about roads and intersections. The endpoints have slightly different responses and there is some nuance to this. As a rule of thumb, if you have a route shape/polyline (which may be either a suggested route or recoding), you probably want the trace attributes endpoint. If however you are interested in data at a single point, prefer the nearest road endpoint.

  • Nearest Roads

    Find detailed information about nearby streets and intersections.

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  • Trace Attributes

    Get detailed attributes about road segments including surface type, signs, and more.

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We really tried to think of a better name for this category, but this is what we ended up with! Spatiatemporal APIs help you answer mobility questions like "what's the travel time between all these start and end points", "how far can I travel in 5 minutes via car", or "is this location reachable within 10 minutes on foot."

  • Time/Distance Matrix

    Compare travel times between a set of possible start and end points for dispatch, optimization, and more.

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  • Isochrones

    Compute areas of roughly equal travel time via car, bicycle, or foot for your urban mobility applications.

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