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Legally Required Attribution

Many of our data sources require attribution. Here's what you need to know!

As outlined in our terms of service, you must leave all automatically generated attributions in place, or replace them with something that conveys the same information in a way that fits your site/app UX. The content must retain the original spirit, and must still be prominent.

This isn't just about us. Thousands of people have put a lot of work into building OpenStreetMap, figuring out ways to efficiently slice up map tiles, and so on. In fact, we have a whole page on our site that highlights the efforts of those who make this all possible.


If you are using a platform that doesn't automatically generate attributions, please include the following text for most styles (some exceptions follow):

© Stadia Maps © OpenMapTiles © OpenStreetMap

Make sure to preserve the links if possible:

&copy; <a href="" target="_blank">Stadia Maps</a>
&copy; <a href="" target="_blank">OpenMapTiles</a>
&copy; <a href="" target="_blank">OpenStreetMap</a>

It should look something like this for most use cases:

© Stadia Maps © OpenMapTiles © OpenStreetMap.

Additional Attribution for Stamen Styles

Maps utilizing styles from Stamen Design must also include appropriate attribution. If your renderer does not add this automatically, or you have opted to generate the attribution manually, please ensure that you include the following additional attribution (hyperlinked if the medium allows for it).

&copy; <a href="" target="_blank">Stamen Design</a>

© Stamen Design

The Stamen Watercolor style does not require OpenMapTiles attribution.

Additional Attribution for Satellite Imagery

If you are using our satellite imagery, you must also include attribution for the imagery. Most renderers should add this for you automatically. If yours does not, or you have opted to generate the attribution manually, please ensure that you include the following additional text. No hyperlink is required.

© CNES, Distribution Airbus DS, © Airbus DS, © PlanetObserver (Contains Copernicus Data)

Maps in Print, TV, Streaming, and other Media

Most of our guidelines focus on attribution for maps in electronic formats where the maps are displayed live. We'll cover other forms of media here.

Licensing for Commercial Use

Please contact for licensing information and a quote if you are using our maps for commercial use. For non-commercial (including academic) use, no special permission or licensing is necessary for these projects. See our FAQ for details.

Guidelines for TV, film, or other video productions

When displaying our maps in TV, film, or other video productions, all relevant parties (noted above) must be credited, depending on which style(s) are used. The style of attribution that makes sense varies based on the type of content and the platform. We cover the most common forms of attribution and some guidelines below.

Attribution may be displayed on-screen at the same time as the map is visible. For on-screen attribution, a format similar to that of web-based maps is suggested, with one or more lines of text in a corner of the map (your choice). If attribution is displayed on top of the map, it must remain visible long enough to be readable, but does not necessarily need to appear for the full duration of the graphic.

You may also include attribution in the end credits or video description if this suits your production/medium better. When including attribution in this way, you must include the text, (if using a Stamen map style), and in addition to the proper names (ex: Stadia Maps, Stamen Design, and OpenStreetMap). You must use hyperlinks if the platform supports it.

Guidelines for Print

Print attribution may occur in one of several places. These are suggestions, and you may choose one in a format appropriate to you.

  • Near the map itself (ex: under it like a caption; common in newspapers, magazines, and some academic papers)
  • In a footnote/end note/citation
  • In an acknowledgements section

In all cases, the URLs, (if applicable), and must be printed in addition to the proper names (ex: Stadia Maps, Stamen Design, and OpenStreetMap).

Geocoding, Routing, and Other APIs

You should include a credit to Stadia Maps and the original data source if applicable. If you are already using our maps, our standard map attribution (above) will cover this use as well. Otherwise, please include a link to our attribution page, where we list all of our data sources.