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Service Limits

API Availability

Your Stadia Maps account gives access to a subset of APIs based on your selected plan. If you try to access an API which you do not have access to, you will receive a 403 Forbidden response. Throughout our documentation, we clarify when a feature is not available on all plans using a grid like the one below (indicating that the free tier cannot access a feature):





A full list of features included with each plan is available on our pricing page.


After you use all of your credits for a billing period (calendar month for free accounts), our default action is to hard limit until the start of the next billing cycle or plan upgrade (all APIs will respond with HTTP 429 Rate Limit Exceeded). This protects you from unexpected bills. Our system will automatically email you when you have exhausted 80% of your credits and are about to be hard limited.

If you want to keep serving requests beyond the plan limits, we offer opt-in pay-as-you-go billing with straightforward pricing on the additional credits. See our pricing page for details.

Free tier restrictions

Our free tier is available for development, evaluation, and non-commercial use. Other uses require a paid subscription. See our FAQ on what qualifies as commercial use.

You can upgrade your free subscription to a paid plan at any time.

Rate Limits

We reserve the right to impose rate limits on customers who are abusive or disruptive of service. Contact enterprise sales to discuss higher volume usage.

We also enforce rate limits on local development to prevent abuse. While we do not publish exact limits for local development, it should be usable without issue for most applications. After the limit is exceeded, you will receive HTTP 429 responses for a while. Access via a registered domain or API key is not subject to the same restrictions.

Complexity limits

We impose the complexity limits on certain APIs. If you have a more demanding use case, send us a message, and we can discuss your use case. Enterprise accounts can request higher limits.

Standard Routing

The following limits apply to the standard turn-by-turn directions endpoint (which calculates a route for locations in the given order).

Costing/Mode of Travel Max Route Locations
Automobile and truck 20
All others 50

Optimization APIs

We limit time/distance matrix and optimized routing to 1000 elements per request. For example, a matrix request with 3 inputs and 5 outputs has 3 x 5 = 15 elements. This means you could send a 10 x 10 or 2 x 50 matrix request (each having 100 elements), but not 40 x 30 as it has 1200 elements.