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Our geocoding and search database is organized into layers (in the GIS sense). You can use this information in two ways:

  • To limit your search to only the layers you need, using the layers parameter to any geocoding and search endpoint (as a comma-separated list such as address,street)
  • To determine which results to prioritize when selecting from multiple alternatives
Layer Description
venue Points of interest, businesses, and things with walls
address Places with a street address
street Streets, roads, highways
country Places that issue passports, nations, nation-states
macroregion A related group of regions (mostly in Europe)
region States and provinces
macrocounty A related group of counties (mostly in Europe)
county Official governmental areas; usually bigger than a locality, but almost always smaller than a region
locality Towns, hamlets, cities, etc.
localadmin Local administrative boundaries
borough Local administrative boundaries within cities (not widely used, but present in places such as NYC and Mexico City)
neighbourhood Social communities and neighborhoods (note the British spelling in the API!)
postalcode Postal codes used by mail services (note: not used for reverse geocoding)
coarse An alias for simultaneously using all administrative layers (everything except venue and address)