Welcome to the Stadia Maps documentation site. Here you will find all you need to get started integrating our maps into your web or mobile application.

You can get started developing locally without any effort or cost. You can get started right away with a web server running on localhost or Once you're ready to deploy, you can sign up for free.

If your production web application is for non-commercial use only, you can keep using the free tier as long as you stay within the limits. You can find the acceptable uses and limits of each service tier on our homepage. Otherwise, we ask that you sign up for a paid plan.

API Keys

You will need to include an API key with each request that is made outside a web browser. You can generate a key in your account control panel. Please take great care not to expose your API key. You do NOT need to include it in any files hosted on your website such as JavaScript code. API keys should generally only be used for server-side or mobile applications.

You can specify your API key via a query string parameter api_key, or via an Authorization header with the value Stadia-Auth <key> where <key> is your API key.


Map styles

We have several map styles available for your use. You can browse them on our style library.

Maps for web

We offer both raster and vector maps for your web application. No API keys are required. Just make sure to attach your deployment domain to a property in your account. Since the process is quite different for vector and raster, we have separate pages for each.

Getting started with vector maps

Getting started with raster maps

Maps outside the browser

You can use our maps anywhere you like! Just be sure to include an API key as described above. On mobile, many mapping frameworks allow you to include a layer of image tiles with a URL format similar to the ones used by Leaflet. We do not offer our own SDKs at this time, but if you need assistance, feel free to get in touch, and we'll set you on the right path.

Static maps

In the event that you only want to show a simple, non-interactive map on your page or mobile app, check out our static map documentation.

Routing & Elevation

Stadia Maps provides turn-by-turn navigation with frequent data updates, powered by the open-source Valhalla engine. Check out our getting started guide for details.

As outlined in our terms of service, you must leave the automatically generated attributions in place. You are allowed to replace these with ones that fit your site style better, but the content must retain the original spirit, and must still be prominent. This isn't just about us. Thousands of people have put a lot of work into building OpenStreetMap, figuring out ways to efficiently slice up map tiles, and so on. In fact, we've got a whole page on our site about it. If you are using a platform that doesn't automatically generate attributions, please include the following: © Stadia Maps © OpenMapTiles © OpenStreetMap contributors. Make sure to preserve the links if possible.