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flutter_map is a Flutter-first map library built from the ground up (not a wrapper for an existing native library), and boasts broad cross-platform compatibility due to its design. It is loosely inspired by Leaflet, a JavaScript raster map library, and features a wide range of plugins.

Flutter Maps Screenshot


First, add the library to your pubspec under dependencies. In addition to flutter_map, you probably need latlong2 (for specifying coordinates) and url_launcher (for linking to an attribution page).

  flutter_map: ^5.0.0
  latlong2: ^0.9.0
  url_launcher: ^6.1.6

You're now ready to instantiate a FlutterMap widget and add it to your app! Here is an example of how to use it with a Stadia Maps raster style.

const styleUrl = "{z}/{x}/{y}{r}.png";
const apiKey = "YOUR-API-KEY";  // TODO: Replace this with your own API key. Sign up for free at
  options: MapOptions(
      center: LatLng(59.438484, 24.742595),
      zoom: 14,
      keepAlive: true
  nonRotatedChildren: [
    RichAttributionWidget(attributions: [
      TextSourceAttribution("Stadia Maps",
          onTap: () => launchUrl(Uri.parse("")),
          prependCopyright: true),
          onTap: () =>
          prependCopyright: true),
          onTap: () => launchUrl(
          prependCopyright: true),
  children: [
      additionalOptions: {
        "api_key": apiKey
      maxZoom: 20,
      maxNativeZoom: 20,


You can browse our map style library for additional map styles, or create your own. Our example repository even shows you how to ship a custom style with your Flutter app!

If you want to use vector styles with flutter_map, we recommend testing to ensure that it renders as you expect. Vector tile plugins for flutter_map is still under active development.

Sign up for a Stadia Maps API key

Before you can run this, you'll need a Stadia Maps API key. You can sign up for free, and no credit card is required! After signing up, create a property and an API key (there's a button at the bottom of the property detail page in the dashboard).

Get a Free Account

Next Steps

We have published a full example app on GitHub which visualizes a set of earthquake data (screenshot at the top of the page). This is analogous to the clustering example for MapLibre GL JS. Check it out for a more in-depth example as a full app you can run today.

To dive deeper into flutter_map, refer to their official documentation.