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At Stadia Maps, we focus on empowering fantastic map experiences. However, a lot of mapping applications require being able to convert back and forth between addresses and coordinates. We've partnered with OpenCage to provide geocoding services for our customers at a discount.

As with Stadia Maps, you can sign up for free and get started right away. Once your project grows a little bigger, you can enter your billing details and upgrade to a paid plan with monthly soft limits. When you're ready to upgrade, enter the code STADIA10 with your billing details to get a 10% discount on your monthly bill. Note that you don't need to enter the promo code during the initial sign-up. You can enter it along with your billing details when you upgrade to a paid plan.

Need Something Else?

If you have a unique geospatial project that doesn't fall within what we already offer as a packaged service, we're all ears. For information about consulting and custom development work for your project, email us at