Static maps

While we highly recommend an interactive map in most cases, sometimes you just need a very simple static map to embed on your webpage or display in an app. We offer static map images for you to embed easily on your website or in an app.

URL format

The URL format goes like this:<theme>?api_key=<key>&center=<lat>,<long>&zoom=<zoom>[&markers=lat,long][&manual_attribution=true]&size=<width>x<height>[@2x]

The parameters are as follows:

  • theme - The theme name. You can find the available themes in our theme library.
  • key (Optional) - Your API key. If you are trying to include static maps in a mobile application, you will need to include an API key. If you are embedding this in an image tag on a web page, do not include an API key. See here for more details.
  • lat - The latitude of the center of the map.
  • long - The longitude of the center of the map.
  • zoom - The desired zoom level (1-18).
  • markers (Optional) - Markers can be optionally specified as lat/long pairs, separated by pipes (|). For example, you could add two markers like so: 37.7776948,-122.4226193|37.7676948,-122.2226193. In addition to latitude and longitude, you may also optionally override the marker style. At this point, the default marker style for each map style has the same name as the map style (alidade_smooth for example). If you are trying to fit a lot of markers into a static map or you just prefer smaller markers, you can specify the small variant for some or all markers. The small variant is the same as the map style name with _sm appended to the end. For example, 37.7776948,-122.4226193,alidade_smooth_sm|37.7676948,-122.2226193 would indicate two markers: one normal size and one small.
  • manual_attribution (Optional) - If you are providing attribution elsewhere on the page where you use a static map, you may use this query string argument. It is your responsibility to add the correct attribution if you use this flag.
  • width - The desired image width, in points. If a scale modifier is included, then this value may be multiplied to provide extra pixels. The minimum value is 256, unless you specify that you will be including an attribution manually, in which case it is 64. The maximum is 1024.
  • height - The desired image height, in points. If a scale modifier is included, then this value may be multiplied to provide extra pixels. The minimum value is 64, and the maximum is 1024.
  • image scale - We recommend including an @2x suffix unless you know your site will not be displayed on any high DPI displays. You can omit this though to save bandwidth if that is a concern.


To put it all together, here is a typical example: Static Map,24.742595&zoom=14&markers=59.436884,24.742595|59.437485,24.743150|59.434931,24.745442|59.441293,24.747380|59.435561,24.747605&size=600x400@2x